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Karla Homolka

Convicted killer, torturer and sexual deviant

Karla Homolka was born May 4 1970 in Port Credit Ontario. Raised in St. Catherine’s Ontario as the eldest of three daughters to Karel and Dorothy Homolka. Was always a very charismatic and charming woman, who was very sociable and appeared normal. After high school graduation she became a veterinarian.

Homolka met her partner in crime Paul Bernardo on 17 October 1987 and became engaged on Christmas Eve. Bernardo quickly dominated Karla and she became completely submissive. Their very first attack was on Karla’s own younger sister. Since Karla was not a virgin when she and Bernardo first met he felt cheated and that he should be allowed to deflower her younger sister Tammy Homolka. The two drugged the fourteen year old girl and proceeded to rape her. Tammy however vomited and ended up dying from choking on her own vomit. The couple hid all the evidence of foul play and called an ambulance. Tammy’s death was later ruled accidental.

Tammy did not fulfill Bernardo’s fantasy as she died before he could really enjoy her so Karla lured another young girl into their home and drugged her. Bernardo and Homolka then raped the girl. The next morning she woke up sore and disoriented but had no idea what had happened to her and would not know until a tape was found in the trial of Bernardo later. She is the only one of their victims to live through her attack.

Over the next few years the Homolkas encouraged each others deviant behaviour. During this period there was a series of rapes in the Scarborough area and the assailant was later dubbed the Scarborough rapist. The Scarborough rapist was later discovered to be Bernardo who with the encouragement of Homolka brutally raped numerous women.

On 15 June 1991 Bernardo lured a young woman named Leslie Mahaffy into his car then took her home. Bernardo and Homolka held the girl hostage for 24 hours and repeatedly sexually assaulted her. It is still unknown exactly how the girl died or who killed her but on June 29 1991 a St. Catherine’s couple discovered her body. It had been dismembered then covered in concrete and dumped in Lake Gibson. Homolka and Bernardo married on — in a fairy tale wedding just days after the murder of Leslie Mahaffy .

On 16 April 1992 Kristen French was abducted by Homolka and Bernardo in a church parking lot. They took her to Port Dalhousie where they sexually assaulted, abused and tortured her for three days. She was eventually murdered and her body dumped in a ditch.

Their downfall began with Bernardo severely beating his wife. This made Karla move in with relatives, eventually she admitted that her husband was the Scarborough rapist and after a positive DNA test the police discovered Bernardo was in fact the rapist. Karla then told police that her husband had murdered both Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French. On 5 May 1993 Homolka was offered a 12 year plea bargain in exchange for her testimony against her husband which she took. Later a set of videotapes were found in the house that showed both Homolka and Bernardo raping the young women. These tapes created a lot of controversy as they showed that Karla Homolka had been an active participant in the crimes not just a victim like she had claimed. Her plea bargain stood and she received 12 years for two counts of first degree murder and one count of second degree murder. Her husband received a life long prison sentence.

Karla Homolka was released from prison in July 2005 after serving her full sentence. She resided in Quebec for years then had a son. Soon after the birth of her son she moved to the Antilles to escape the stigma attached to her

Karla Homolka is a Common Sociopath, she has a lack of conscience and does not differentiate between right and wrong. Karla Homolka’s behaviour is still a mystery since she seemed completely normal until she met Bernardo. She had a good childhood and showed no signs of any kind of instability. Although she says she is rehabilitated she has never acknowledged her wrongdoings or apologized to her victim’s families. Hopefully she won’t have the opportunity to reoffend but she will never have the same kind of conscience expected by society.


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